3D USB Mini Soundcard

External USB Sound Card


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Instant Sound/Microphone from any USB port
Replaces Traditional Sound Card
USB Dongle Size. Best for Travelers
Virtual 5.1 Sound Effect
Best for Skype or other Internet phone and chat program, including MSN, Net2Phone, Yahoo, ICQ and more
Plug and Play

Features and Benefits:

Plug and Play USB Interface, eliminate the need of traditional sound card
Built in Audio and Microphone Jack
Multi-channels techniques to achieve stereo 5.1 channel sound effect
Dynamic surround background sound effects
Virtual Speaker Shifter
Switch for Microphone mode or Speaker Mode
Available Stereo mixed music effects, Karaoke function
Record function by microphone
16 rhythm modes for selection
23 environment sound effects
Able to transform the analog sound signal to save as digital sound
Compatible with Windows 98SE/ME/2K/XP
Also found to work in Mac OS X 10.3.7, but without 3D effects software/drivers



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3D USB Mini Soundcard

3D USB Mini Soundcard

External USB Sound Card