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BST is a brand of professional audio systems. For rental companies, event companies, clubs, plumbers,….

After 50 years of existence on the PA and Lighting market, BST takes off again with the launch of its new BST and AFX LIGHT ranges. To embody this change, a new BST logo symbolizes brand values.

Like when we were created in 1968 - a year that marked the world! - BST, which at the time was called BISSET, is now preparing to start the fight for Sound and Light products for professional and semi-professional DJs.

In its beginnings, the French company BISSET developed electronic components and 12V power supplies.

A few years later, the first audio products entered the market.

The name BST comes from a mistake made by Japanese manufacturers who misunderstood the name BISSET, because in the early 1970s, communications were made exclusively by telephone and telex. Suddenly, they were the first to put this name on the microphones, which confirms that the best things sometimes come from a misunderstanding.

From the 1980s to 1995, BST developed at the speed of its contemporary "TGV", with speakers, amplifiers (made in France), mixers and consoles, vinyl turntables and CDs, which were a reference. on the French and European market.

From 1995 to 2003, always thanks to its innovative spirit, BST became one of the pioneers in the world of DJs. Remember that BST is the inventor of pitch control!

The products have been specially designed and developed for DJ professionals: mixers, Pitch consoles, "flat" CDs with separate controllers and players, etc.

When the "Techno" scene ran out around 2003, BST immediately began a new turn with PA products and public address facilities.

In 2009, BST created the AFX LIGHT brand, applied to LUMIERE products, which coincides with the beginning of the great development of LEDs. Once again, BST managed to reinvent itself to stay in the leader pack.

In 2012, BST became part of the European LOTRONIC group, which decided to use the BST and AFX brands for its Premium segment.

Today, our desire is to dedicate the BST and AFX LIGHT brands to knowledgeable, semi-professional and professional amateurs: plumbers, service providers and rental companies.



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BST Audio Cart 200

Professional multi-function cart 91 kg

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BST Audio Cart 300

Professional multi-function cart 136 kg

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