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Sound system Biserica SA 6 W Designer

Complete interior-exterior with handheld and lavalier wireless microphones and 2 background microphones
Professional audio system, specially configured for church sound, equipped with wireless handheld microphone, lavalier microphone and hanging microphones, for pew, altar or choir.

  • This system has been configured as a consequence of our customers' requests for discreet speakers inside, in accordance with the furniture and the environment of the space.
  • Therefore, the interior will be equipped with 4 Studio-M micromax Omni-201 speakers, with a discreet design, extremely small but with amazing performance, and the possibility to choose between white or black colors.

Wireless microphone distance up to 150m (including around the church)
simultaneous sounding of both the interior and exterior of a medium-sized church (250-350sqm usable inside), providing enough power for an outdoor auditorium of up to 800 people.
The speakers can be independently controlled and divided into up to 2 individual zones, with separate volume adjustment.
Wireless handheld microphone
Microphone for washing machine
two condenser microphones.
The indoor speakers benefit from AFC (Auto Feddback Canceller) technology to avoid microphones

For this system we chose:

  • 4 speakers applicable for indoor,
  • 2 column type speakers for exterior
  • 100V amplified line mixer (60W RMS, with 4 inputs for microphone / line and 2 inputs for external audio source CD / DVD, etc)
  • 1 handheld wireless microphone
  • 1 lavaliera wireless microphone
  • 2 condenser microphones
  • 100m cable for free speakers, included in the system

5 year warranty!

Recommendation of our specialists:

The system is preset to make voice clarity more efficient and to avoid microphones. Also, for special requirements, our team can perform the acoustic analysis of the spaces and the optimal implementation of the system.

For any questions, details or recommendations, our team is at your disposal.

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RMS Power60 W



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Church SA 6-W Designer

Church SA 6-W Designer

Professional church sound system