Showtec Galactic RGB850

850mW Red/Green/Blue Laser, ILDA & DMX



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The Galactic RGB 850 is the top model of the Galactic Series. Though the power is only 850mW, with help of the new 200mW 638nm red laser, the visual brightness is around a 1.2W traditional RGB laser with 660nm red laser. It has beautiful clear colors created by these 3 separate laser-diodes, Red, Green and Blue with TTL modulation. The RGB850 can be controlled by DMX and has many built-in figures and patterns. It can project two built-in patterns at the same time. You can also create your own designs and shows with any kind of ILDA laser software. The RGB850 is equipped with a 20K scanner pair which makes faster and bigger projections possible with less flickering. For rental solutions you can use the SD card slot to run pre-programmed shows without any controller.

Data sheet

Channels no13 DMX 512
Output connectorsXLR
InterfaceDMX si ILDA


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Showtec Galactic RGB850

Showtec Galactic RGB850

850mW Red/Green/Blue Laser, ILDA & DMX