Showtec Infinity iW-720

Moving head wash



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The iW-720 is the bigger brother of the iW-715. it is equipped with 7 pieces quad color RGBW LED s of 20W. In contrast to the iW-715 the iW-720 offers seam-less zoom of 7 degree up to 50 degree. Another significant key feature is the segment control of the LED s The 7 LED s are divided into 4 sections which can be controlled individually offering the user endless creative possibilities controlling your LED s.
High speed motors for pan and tilt movement are used for accurate and very fast movements. Multiple dimming curves can be selected by the GUI creating halogen modes either quick dimming. Strobe and dimming are microprocessor controlled ensuring smooth 0-100% dimming as well high speed 0-20Hz strobe effects.

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Showtec Infinity iW-720

Showtec Infinity iW-720

Moving head wash