Showtec Phantom 25 LED Spot

Led spot moving head



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The Phantom 25LED Spot is a compact and powerful LED moving head spot. It is equipped with a white 25W LED light source and has 9 colors and 9 gobos with shake effect. The eight automatic and eight sound-to-light programs with master - slave function will ensure a quick and easy setup. It has a 6 and a 11 channel DMX personality. The weight is only 4,3 Kg and it has a single clamp bracket which makes it easy to handle and position in truss systems. The Phantom 25LED spot is introduced together with the 25LED Wash and 50LED Spot. All units are from one range with different functionalities . This makes it easy to combine them

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Products FeatureVocal
Channels no6 sau 11
Output connectorsXLR


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Showtec Phantom 25 LED Spot

Showtec Phantom 25 LED Spot

Led spot moving head