1. Defining elements

1.1 Buyer

Person, firm, company or other legal entity that creates a command.

1.2 Seller

SC MAG STUDIO SRL trading company, with headquarters in Timisoara, FREDERIC MISTRAL Street no. 11, registered with the Trade Register under no. J35 / 3150/2004, with Unique Registration Code RO16892631.

1.3 Products and Services

Any product or service, including documents and services mentioned in the Order, which will be supplied by Seller to Buyer.

1.4 Order

An electronic document that comes as a form of communication between seller and buyer that the seller agrees to deliver products and services and Buyer agrees to receive those goods or services and pay for them.

1.5 Contract

An order confirmed by the Seller.

1.6 Copyright

All content on the site www.e-grup.ro, images, graphics, text content, icons, web graphics, logos, programming and other data are property of SC MAG STUDIO SRL and its suppliers of the devices copyright and intellectual and industrial property laws. Use without the written permission of SC MAG STUDIO SRL any items listed above is punishable by law.

1.7 Technical Specifications

All technical specifications and / or descriptions of Products and Services as are specified in the Order.

Using visualization and purchase products from this website (www.e-grup.ro) implies accepting the terms and conditions below.

This website is owned by SC MAG STUDIO SRL, headquartered in TIMISOARA, FREDERIC MISTRAL Street no. 11, registered with the Trade Register under no. J35 / 3150/2004, with Unique Registration Code RO16892631.

SC MAG STUDIO LLC reserves the right to modify the contents of this website without notice notice. General terms and conditions apply to all sales of products and services by SC MAG STUDIO SRL via online shop www.e-grup.ro the Buyer. Please read the information for use of our online store!

2. Return Policy

Products purchased on site www.e-grup.ro can return as O.U.G. 34/2014 if the buyer is dissatisfied with the performance or quality of the product, or if it finds that the product does not meet its requirements. SC MAG STUDIO SRL accept returned products purchased exclusively online or by telephone, within 10 calendar days after receiving the product with the following conditions:

- this policy is strictly targeted to retail customers;

- is available exclusively for online or phone purchases and not in the purchasing physical showroom;

- can not return software or products containing licenses and were installed so that their reselling no longer be possible;

- can not be returned hygienically sensitive products that can not be used by multiple users: in-ear headphones, liquids, etc.

- within the time stipulated above, the buyer is obliged to send a written notification to this effect by e-mail or via the contact form at the addresses mentioned in www.e-grup.ro site. Do not accept verbal notifications (telephone or showroom)!

- not allowed to return products that shows the physical changes, bumps, scratches or other signs of wear shocks equipment or packaging or (otherwise SC MAG STUDIO SRL will refuse the request for return);

- Returned products free from use and are in good condition, containing original packaging (undamaged), accessories and documentation received initial (otherwise SC MAG STUDIO SRL will refuse the request for return);

- the product must be accompanied by original invoice with receipt or tax receipt (if applicable) and the warranty card and papers received only original documents (otherwise SC MAG STUDIO SRL will refuse the request for return);

- transportation costs of returning goods shall be borne solely by the Purchaser and it will be conducted with the same transport service which made the initial dispatch;

- not accept the reference specifying products demand outstanding; equipment will be first checked by the Seller prior to accepting return;

- when observing problems running or appearance due to the use of equipment SC MAG STUDIO LLC reserves the right to refuse the return of equipment or conditional acceptance retention of return provided to around 5-25% of the product value (cost restocking);

- SC MAG STUDIO SRL customer is obliged to return your purchase price within 14 days from the acceptance date of receipt of the product.

3. Change or cancel order

If you've changed your mind and give a product in demand, like other product than ordered or quitting ordered products, please let us know as soon as one of the ways numbers: Email to contact@e-grup.ro 24 / 7 or 004 phone 0785.223.232. Our colleagues from Customer Support Program L-V 09/17 and 10/13 they will do our best to change or cancel your order.

4. Delivery by courier

The products ordered at www.e-grup.ro (in stock) arrive to you the next working day, if ordered until 14.00. Orders received between 14:00 and 24:00 will be picked up the next day by the courier. Orders sent to the courier are delivered in 24-48 hours. Orders placed on Saturday and Sunday, as well as on days declared legal holidays, will be processed and handed over to the courier until the end of the first working day following the non-working day. Delivery is 25 lei up to 50 kg, to which is added one lei for each kg starting with 50 kg. For the parcel check, a fee of 8 lei is charged in addition to the other costs.

Packages that are sent outside the range of the FAN Courier will apply additional costs charged by courier. Complete list of localities for which no additional mileage charge here.

The ordered products have insurance, valid during the entire transport until delivery. The findings on the integrity of packages will be made in the presence of courier agent. Subsequent complaints regarding the integrity product if damage were not mentioned on the transport document will not be accepted.

5. Lifting of the showroom:

If the products you ordered are in stock in the showroom you can pick up immediately. If the products are not in stock the showroom that you selected when you recorded order, we will be notified by email or SMS when they will arrive in showrooms to pass them up. From the moment they arrived, showroom products are kept for 3 days.

Delivery is free in the showroom.

If you already paid order before you come to pick it up (by card, money order), please have ID on you can hand out to your products. For companies require a power of attorney or stamp of the company.

Delivery times refer to orders you have chosen to pay cash / cash. If you have chosen another way to pay? card online, order, pay in installments? delivery time may change depending on the registration payment.